FoxFilter for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

FoxFilter was recently called "THE parental control for Firefox." and is now available for Google Chrome! FoxFilter is an effective content filter that helps block inappropriate content as well as user-specified content and Web sites. FoxFilter includes password-protected settings and security features to help prevent it from being bypassed, un-installed or disabled. A password recovery feature is also included.

FoxFilter helps block content for essentially any user-defined Web site or criteria. You can quickly and easily block content for an entire site or enter custom keyword filters (e.g. videos, movies, images/pictures, etc.) that will be used to help filter content and block web sites and block pages for any website that contains these keywords.

Recent Reviews

"One of best blocker I've used. easy to use ... best for Mozilla and chrome also. No need to type URL or site address one by one to block. Just save the key word and fox filter will block it. every should try it at once then you feel the difference! Love it!"

"This extension is exactly what I was looking for and does exactly what it says it will do..."

"Exactly what I looking for to blocks the Happy Tree Friends from my son on YouTube. This is an excellent tool!"

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